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Welsh Government Evaluation report on capacity building approaches to support the delivery of English as an additional language in Wales

The independent research, commissioned by the Welsh Government and produced by the People and Work Unit, involved discussions with 8 local authority Ethnic Minority Achievement Services (EMAS) and 5 schools, with varying EAL needs, and invited comments from all service providers across Wales.

Click here to see the full report

Literacy and Numeracy Tests - Access and Disapplication Arrangements

Information and guidance on access and disapplication arrangements for the Literacy & Numeracy Tests 2015 can be found here. Specific information on EAL/WAL learners is in Annex Five.

Changes to the National Curriculum in Wales

IMPORTANT - Changes to the National Curriculum in Wales - Phase 1 - Literacy & Numeracy

The changes have combined the Literacy& Numeracy Framework with the Areas of Learning (Foundation Phase) and the Programmes of Study (KS2 onwards) and have been extended to now include Nursery through to KS4.


EALAW Consultation Responses

Click to download EALAW's response to the Literacy Framework Consultation 

 Click to download EALAW's response to the ALN/SEN Reform Consultation 


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