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EALAW North Wales Event March 2012


The first EALAW North Wales Professional Learning Community event, organised by Roz Mannix and Lisa Davies and held in the Oriel Hotel in St. Asaph on 27th March 2012, was very successful with almost 60 people in attendance.

Jonathan Brentnall talked about the need for additional language learners to have chunks of language modelled for them in ways that they can understand and then use in meaningful learning situations. He emphasised the need for teachers to plan activities that integrate clause patterns and expand vocabulary. He illustrated a number of different patterns with examples from across the curriculum.

Then delegates engaged in some practical activities based around the classification of animals. Groups worked within age-ranges, and attempted to classify a number of animals into 6 different categories. They then had to plan a 'Guess the Animal' task where one person described some of the distinguishing features of an animal without using its name, constantly reflecting on the language they were using. Finally, delegates were asked to complete a planning sheet, identifying the various language functions, patterns and keywords that would be needed for EAL learners to successfully participate in such activities.

The language that all the delegates recorded during the activities has been collated with some further questions for professional development.

Click here to download the file .


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