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EAL and School Banding


Following the release of the Secondary School bandings in Wales last year, accompanied by contextual data that included the percentage of EAL pupils in each school, EALAW contacted the Welsh Assembly Standards Unit.

EALAW asked for clarification of how EAL had been taken into account in the contextual value added component of the banding calculations. 

The reply from the Standards Unit indicates that EAL had not, in fact, been included in the calculations at all. They have acknowledged that 'this did cause some confusion' and that they will 'look to change the way we present this contextual data for the next set of bands'. Although the Standards Unit does not intend to make any significant changes to their banding calculation methods, they have undertaken to evaluate the quality of EAL data available and decide if it can be used in their various data outputs. 

EALAW feels that the current banding data is not a very useful indicator of quality of provision for EAL as so many other factors are involved. Instead, EALAW would advocate a strong focus on careful profiling and tracking of individuals' progress with improved professional development for staff in all schools with EAL learners.


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